Saturday, March 29, 2014

High End Estate Sale

Mom and I attended a high end estate sale on Friday and they really were high end (most of the items were over $100 - the furniture was running about $3500). I couldn't afford anything there! Well I did find three very small inexpensive items but it wasn't easy I tell you. Here is my very small haul from the estate sale.

A vintage child's broom, flower frog and a signed art glass bowl

I actually got the Candy Canes from the Goodwill. Not much was going on so we headed home early but Mom had a few items to give me. I always love it when she says "I have something for you" because I know it will be from my childhood, something that she has held on to all these years. She did not disappoint, she gave me a shawl that my Granny made and a little vintage hankie!

We did not go out today so I have been working hard in our Etsy Shop. Hope you all are having a great weekend and if you are out hunting vintage I hope you find something wonderful!

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  1. The little ballerina hankie is adorable! Sooo cute! Love the art glass but yikes on the prices of the rest of the sale.

  2. Love the little vase and the sweet!!!

  3. That ballerina hankie is adorable! And it looks so familiar. Sorry about the estate sale. I hate when they end up being like that!

  4. That little bowl is nice! I'm glad you found something :)

  5. All are bloody pretty and oh so cute