Saturday, March 1, 2014

Junior League Attic Sale

I don't mind giving money to a good cause and that is basically what I do each year when I attend the Junior League Attic Sale. The sale is set up downtown at the Fairgrounds and for a $20 ticket you (well you and 300 hundred other people) get to attend the Friday Night Preview Party and have first pick of all the junk plus dinner is provided. I usually look so forward to this event but over the past couple of years the quality of stuff has gone down and the prices have gone up (you pay double on Friday night). Still I love to look through junk and you never know what you might find and it is for a good cause so each year we go (me, Mom and my sister).

This year everything was just a disaster! Mom hurt her back yesterday morning and called to say she was not going to be able to go. So I called my sister and nope she wasn't going either (she was not feeling well and decided to sit it out). If it was held in a better part of town I would have gone alone but it's not and Mom forbid me to go down there by myself so I recruited my oldest son to go with me. I promised he would at least get a nice dinner out of it (that did not end up happening).

We got there late and I thought at least we will not have to stand around for 45 minutes waiting on the doors to open. Well we had to stand around and wait anyway, they had some kind of water problem inside and wouldn't let anyone in until they had fixed it.

We finally get in and I have to say in my 15 years of attending that this was the most disappointing year for me. A lot of the stuff I picked up was chipped, broken or just cheap junk. Just nothing interesting to be found, that doesn't mean I didn't look in every nook and cranny for a couple of hours. 

When we finally decided to go eat they were out of food! So we didn't even get our dinner! Sorry John!

On the plus side I was thrilled that my son went with me and he even found a couple of things that he brought home. I really enjoyed getting to spend this time with him and I hope that he will go on some more junking trips with me.

So after that lengthy intro, here are a couple of the items I bought:

I do love these little place card holders

A lovely vintage pattern

I love these things!

I love Snoopy, this is a 1966 piece

Who doesn't love a crying onion

Lots of Santa Mugs

Probably would not have bought this one but when I flipped it over I had to have it

From Artie 1957

There are some more pic's on our Facebook page, I did get some other stuff if you want to see it you can go here.

I don't know, I may sit this sale out next year!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ohhhh I love those Santa mugs! And that wire photo holder!!!

  2. At least you found a few things. I do like the Santa mugs! Sometimes events change over the years I've found and you have to let it go. Sad but true.

  3. Oh man, they ran out of food! That is a bummer. Glad your son was a good sport. I saw the photos on Facebook. Is that basket a Harry & David? I went through the tour a couple of times in Medford, OR over 30 years ago and they used to make all their baskets. They don't anymore so I collect them. They go for pretty good money nowadays. Have a good week! Hugs, Dianne P.S. I hope your mom's back is better.

  4. Love snoopy who doesn't.
    Have a great week.

  5. You didn't do so badly even if it wasn't what you hoped for!!!! You brought home some cute things!!

  6. Years ago I used to attend this event and would fill my truck to the top with bargains. Every year there was less and less to choose from so I have stopped attending. At least you scored a few things like the signed Santa mug.

  7. For an event that went so badly, you sure got some terrific things. I just love the Snoopy and the anthropomorphic onion! Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It