Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Floors

I haven't been doing a lot of junking this month. Starting the new job has slowed me down a little and there is just a lot going on in my world right now. I will be making a trip out to California for a conference at the end of August and while I am extremely excited to get to see the west coast, I am very nervous about the flight. Believe it or not I have never flown before! Also, my new floors are finally going in. I have been working on giving my upstairs a much needed face lift for a while now, pulling up carpets and painting. The floors started going in this week and they look great so far (still have to be stained). I thought I would give you a sneak peak at where they are at right now.

So much better than carpet (especially carpet that has been totally tortured for years by two boys and their million friends) 

There is supposed to be a really good sale on the hill next weekend so I am hoping to load up there. We shall see!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


  1. good luck on your flight! it's really only a little scary when you are taking off and landing. most of the time you almost forget your are in the air!

  2. The floors are very nice...I'm redoing my bathroom floor this week. I hope your flight is perfect.

  3. Your floors look wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product! What type of wood are you using?

  4. Floors look gorgeous!!! Looking forward to seeing the whole room once you put it back together! Hope your flight is uneventful!