Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vintage Photo

I really hadn't planned on going out this weekend but when I got up on Saturday morning I changed my mind and decided to hit a few yard sales.

This is my absolute favorite find from my outing yesterday. It is a photo from Platt's Funeral Home located here in Augusta GA. I think Platt's may be one of the oldest funeral homes in Georgia. The photo is just amazing. Look at all the details - the windows in the hearse are just fabulous. The women in the picture is beautiful. While it is a smidge creepy, it is way more FABULOUS!

I also picked up a few vintage toys.

The toys will go to Etsy but the picture will stay with me and go into my growing Augusta collection.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the photo. Makes one wonder who the lady is and how she is related to the deceased

  2. The photo is great. I can't believe the details on that funeral hearse. It is definitely a keeper. The toys are fun finds. Have a grew week!

  3. Wonder why the lady in a nurse uniform at a funeral?
    the picture is very neat to see the old hearse.
    I hope to go in one of the bigger cities antique shopping before the snow flies