Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yard Sales

I wasn't real thrilled with the selection of Estate Sales this weekend so I decided to try hitting a few yard sales instead. I had to run out on Saturday morning anyway to pick up something that just came to me (that happens sometimes) and thought I would try my luck with the yard sales while I was out. I really didn't find much but did pick up a few things, nothing really exciting. However the item I was going to pick up on Saturday made up for the lack of finding any fabulous junk at the yard sales. So here she is, and she is fabulous. She is a reproduction but I love her anyway!

I'm not going to lie, those eyes are a little creepy but overall she is just gorgeous!

Here are a few of the things I found at the yard sales.

Hoping for better sales next weekend!

Hope yours has been wonderful!


  1. I like the flash cards and yes she is lovely and like you I think the eyes are a little creepy but over all she is lovely

  2. OHHHH I have her twin sister , however her sister's eyes are open !!!!!!

    I bought mine at an antique shop that was closing a few years ago, a repro also, you found some more goodies I see