Saturday, February 20, 2016

Estate Sales

Well it has been quite a while since I have been out junking. Not by choice of course, my work has been keeping me busy and December and January are usually slow months around here for Estate Sales.

Yesterday Mom and I hit a couple of good ones though, we have both been junk sick and really needed this therapy. We stopped by a sale here in Augusta and then took a road trip out to Louisville GA. 

I missed out on a couple of things that I really wanted but ended up with a pretty good haul and found a great piece for my Augusta collection.

Estate Sale #1 - My picks from the Augusta GA Estate Sale

He's cute and will go in my Vintage Cocktail Collection

One of the bells is cracked but you know I don't care (I often rescue the broken and damaged), these sweet girls will go in my vintage Christmas stash.

Isn't she adorable!

Glass Cocktail Stirrers

Love this, and the frame is gorgeous!
More Cocktail Napkins for my collection!

These cocktail napkins were kind of quirky, had to have them!

Lovely old sewing basket, dates to the 40's.

I bought a couple of really cool old photos! 1940's 

I also found this little treasure, it's an eye glass case from the mid 1930's. A local piece for my collection.

So we wrapped up sale number one and headed out to the second sale. I guess the drive out to Louisville took about an hour but I always look forward to the conversations with Mom along the way. She often tells me about our family history which I love to hear. 

Estate Sale #2 - My picks from the Louisville GA

I guess this is a toothpick holder, it was too cute!
Globe Pin Cushion
He has issues, but again I had to rescue him, he will fit in nicely on the misfit shelf.

Cigarette Holders (I think one is bakelite)
Cute Pixie Elf
Vintage Sheaffer Pen

I think it is safe to say Mom and I both felt better after a good day of junking! 


  1. It is always a good time to go junkin and with your Mom even better. Cute finds!

  2. You found some great treasures! We've missed you posting!

    xo Dianne