Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thomson GA Estate Sale

We had quite an estate sale adventure on Friday, I had to talk mom into going with me (but believe me it didn't take much convincing). I just made sure that she checked out the pictures online, I could tell from the pictures that it was going to be a good one and I guess after she took a peek she could too.

The house was on the historical register in Thomson and I am not sure how long it has been sitting there with all that treasure in it but I could not wait to get in there and poke around.

I had my eye on a little Kewpie Bride and Groom but didn't end up getting to them fast enough, oh well no worries because there was plenty of other stuff to sift through.

So here are my photos (and there are a lot):

In the out building I found a box full of old paper, I had no idea that there was an envelope in the box that contained these very lovely valentines, the very small one pops open and was made in Germany. I actually screamed out loud in the car on the way home when I opened the envelope and saw these. Most of them are from the early 20's I believe. Some are dated.

I also found this fabulous cabinet card in the garage, can't believe no one had grabbed it. It is an advertising Cabinet Card for the Antikamnia Chemical Co (I have to wonder what was in those 5 grain tablets). 

Lots of vintage holiday stuff!

I also found some more items for my Augusta GA collection. I guess I am on a roll with the eye glass cases (one last week and two this week). I love the typography on the cases.

Lots of vintage toys!

And some miscellaneous goodies.

This Hamilton Watch box is in excellent condition.

Love this little perpetual calendar.

Tons of smalls.

I don't know what it is about storks but I can't seem to pass them by!

Collars and Ties.

And here are a couple of Mom's finds, she found this great little set of embroidery cards, these date back to around 1900. She also found a sweet little calendar.

I wish every sale could be like this one!!!!