Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thomson Farm Estate Sale

Mom and I drove out to an estate sale in Thomson on Friday. It was on a farm, two houses and two barns. The sale was to start at 9am and we got there about a quarter till. I was very disappointed that when we pulled up they had already let people in. There was one guy that must have been there for a while as he already had a huge stack of the best stuff. Kind of ticked me off but oh well, what can you do but move on. So we jumped in and starting digging. I found some good stuff even though we were late to the party.

Some Christmas, not all vintage but vintage style. The foil ornaments are vintage, made in Japan. I have found these before but not with the mercury glass balls in them. The other ornaments are marked made in West Germany but I really don't know how old they are. (I don't think they are super old but I like them anyway and they were cheap).

Some Easter Old and New (Great for holiday decorating).

I was thrilled to find a Bethany Lowe piece (the skeleton paper candy box).

A great old basket of vintage sewing notions, I love the little scissors and the Bluebird Buttons.

Some old bottles and a pharmacy beaker.

This was a strange find but kind of cool, three small brass and copper tins for holding fishing bait.

And a ton of other miscellaneous junk.

And a few jewelry pieces, I love the little sterling eye glass charm!

I ended up going back on Saturday with a friend and bought a few more things. Overall it was a wonderful sale, just wish we would have been there earlier on Friday.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Aw looks like you still found some really great stuff!

  2. really nice! that makes me wonder what that guy got because this stuff is so good! i especially love that tin that says "worms"