Saturday, February 17, 2018

Estate Sale - Henry Street

Well Mom and I seem to be on a roll, another great estate sale this weekend. I was really excited to get to step inside this fabulous old house and poke around.

It was certainly one of the most crowded sales I have been to in a while. People everywhere! We got there about 25 minutes early but sill were way back in line. I think we were there for two and a half hours total between the waiting, digging and standing in line to pay (that was the worst part!).

Anyway, here is what I brought home:

The Red Cross Nurse Picture is just gorgeous, not sure if I will be able to let go of her, she may end up on my wall. She is illustrated by Alberto Vargas, who I think was better known for his pin ups.

I also found a few silhouettes, I love the Nurse one. 

And lots of other miscellaneous odds and ends, Art Deco Tray, 1930's First Communion Certificate,
dresser jar, feather duster, quilted Red Cross pillow, spice holder, Turkey planter, Catholic candle holders, sweet baby diaper shirt and an old suit case!

We were planning on going to another sale after this one but we were both worn out after we finally checked out and got our junk loaded in the car. It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday (crazy for February) and so hot in that house. We took our loot and went home.

Hoping our streak continues!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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