Sunday, February 11, 2018

Estate Sales

It's been a couple of months since mom and I have been out junking. Usually December and January are slow months for us. We were really ready to get back to it so I took off on Friday and we hit a couple of estate sales.

The first sale was in North Augusta and was advertised as a tour through Germany. It was a small house packed with lots of interesting stuff. Here are the things I brought home from the North Augusta sale:

We bought a ton of Wendt and Kuhn pieces.

There were also a couple of other Erzgebirge pieces, a shepherd, sheep and teeny tiny deer.

This German Sampler was two lovely to pass up.

I loved these old photograph cases.

And a few other odds and ends.

The second sale was in the Hill Area of Augusta. I was really disappointed at first, I went from room to room and didn't see anything that spoke to me. The very last room I walked into (last bedroom upstairs) held all the treasure - well for me at least. Dolls, Dolls and more Dolls.

I had a lot of fun digging through all the doll stuff when I got home. Looks like I will be busy in my Etsy shop for a while!

Hope  you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. The dolls have such sweet expressions on their faces. And, I love those carved sheep and deer. The wooden figures are sweet, too. Such a fruitful day!!! Thank you for sharing your haul with us.

  2. You always find such beautiful stuff at estate sales.