Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'll Fly Away

What a fabulous thrifting weekend. On Friday I was able to squeeze in two Estate Sales that were in close proximity to my work. The first one was at the home of a lady that ran a bakery in Augusta for many years. I can remember my mother getting us Birthday cakes from Smoak's bakery when I was very young, so I just knew this house would be filled with great baking things (old cook books, mixing bowls, etc). Sadly that was not the case, but I did make an incredible find. My eyes were drawn to a couple of great big glass items sitting on the dining room table. Two hand blown glass fly catchers with the original hand blown stoppers and thank goodness there were two because I think I am going to have to keep one for myself.

 I also picked up this pair of beautiful pheasants.

So great finds at sale #1. On to the second sale. I found quite a bit of little stuff and only spent $15. For my $15 dollars I took home 2 Vera Scarfs, 10 vintage linen tea towels, a beautiful vintage tablecloth, 2 juice glasses made in Italy, about 12 old small locks, a rosary, and an old sock darner.

Today I was able to spend some time with 2 of my most favorite people in the world, my Mom and my Brother. We set out early to an Estate Sale in Louisville GA. This sale advertised some stuff that is right up my alley, barrister book cases, metal cabinets and some really paint challenged furniture. I was really disappointed that most of these items were really damaged, already purchased or overpriced. So no big items purchased here. I did find one paint challenged item that me and my brother (my mom - not so much) thought was pretty cool. I think it's a bird perch. I can picture a bird taking a break on this and getting his second wind and flying away again. I can also picture this in my house with tea towels hanging on it. I also found a cute old planter/pot. My brother bought a big box of vintage prints and magazines. He was kind enough to give me a few. Mom bought a really great lamp.

Bird Perch?
Paint Challenged - I Love it!
Mom's Lamp
John's Finds

One last item I found at this sale was a 1960's Catalina Bathing Suit.

What a wonderful weekend. Hope you are having a great weekend and have found some lovely treasures.
I took quite a few pictures of ads from the old magazines my brother gave me (late 40's New York Times Magazine, 1922 Party Book, 1960's needlecraft & knitting). If you would like to see the ads, you can go here.

If you would like to see some photos from our road trip you can find them here.

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  1. great finds I especially love the bathing suit. Do people buy these to use or just to collect?

  2. I'm very keen on those pheasants!! The bird pirch looks a little like the top was lopped off an old telegraph/electricity pole :-) Can imagine it looking lovely with some trailing plants!

    Jem xXx

  3. That bathing suit is awesome! The Vera scarfs are really pretty too.

    E :)

  4. great bathing suit! I have never seen a glass fly catcher before - thanks for sharing!

  5. You found some really interesting things. That bathing suit is a hoot! I'm with Sue, I've never seen a glass fly catcher before either. Very cool!

    The second sale was great! All those treasures for $15? Wow!

  6. Love the pheasants and the bathing suit! One for upcoming season and the other for the season passing! Wonderful.

  7. Wow, those glass bottles are great along with all your other finds.