Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shiny Happy People

One of my favorite bands in the world is a little band from Athens GA. They had a different sound than most of the other bands of the 1980's, they were different and that just made me love them so. They announced today that they are calling it quits. I hate to hear it.

 I was fortunate enough to see them at Chastain Park in Atlanta GA with my only brother and my youngest sister. A wonderful evening spent listening to some beautiful music with two of my favorite people in the world.

A few years ago at the Annual Junior League Attic Sale I was thrilled to find this vintage 1986 R.E.M. poster (along with two vintage U2 posters) for $2.

These are just a few of my favorite songs. Thanks R.E.M. for making some beautiful music!

Me In Honey


Shiny Happy People



  1. I don't recall this band. But Athens is very close to us. (We're near Greenville SC). When my daughter was younger we took her and her friends to see a few bands at a little club in Athens. I believe it was "40 Watt Club". I'm sorry your band is calling it quits. At least you have their music to bring back memories.

  2. Nice! I collect vintage french posters and am always on the lookout. My mom sews beautifully and I wish I had learned (still going to) that dress is adorable. I think starting with a simple skirt pattern will get me started. I tried making the boy PJ's and it didn't turn out so well lol...