Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoo Fly Shoo

Just a quick post to share a great find today. Went to an estate sale (okay well maybe I went to 2) at lunch today. In house number one I spotted some big beautiful glass on the dining room table. As I was examining the glass a women came up behind me and said "Do you know what those are?", I did know what they were (I saw one on someone's blog recently, see what you can learn from reading blogs). We chatted for a minute and I picked them up and headed to the checkout and much to my surprise the woman I was chatting with followed me. The next thing I know she is telling the Estate Lady (who had them marked as terrariums) that she had way under priced them. Gee thanks helpful lady! Anyway, it did not make a difference the price remained the same and I walked away with two beautiful vintage blown glass fly catchers (can fly catchers be beautiful - why yes they can).

Aren't they wonderful!
If you want to see all my finds for the day (and it was a good day), please visit our Facebook page.
Big Day tomorrow, heading to the country with mom and my brother. Hope I have lots to share when I return.
Have a great weekend and hoping you go out and find great vintage stuff!

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