Thursday, July 12, 2012

Singer Featherweight Portable Sewing Mahine

Last week I was visiting with the girls in the Accounting office at work. They know that I am a vintage girl and they always ask about my junking adventures. They have a new lady in their office and she overheard us talking and we ended up having a nice conversation about my crazy love for all things old. The next day she asked me if I might want an old sewing machine that belonged to her mother. I almost said no because I already have several old sewing machines up in my sewing room and in my mind I was envisioning a great big old sewing machine in a great big old cabinet (yes I already have one of those too!) which I would have no room for, but when she said she would bring it in to work on Monday (she's not superwomen so I knew it must not be that big) I reconsidered and said yes. I am so glad I did! I was amazed at the beautiful object that came out of the little case she lugged in! Take a peek:

Her mother must have taken great care of this lovely little machine. It had all it's pieces and parts and the operating manual.

All in it's original case.

Loving this little black beauty!


  1. Wow! What a treasure! The old machines are just so pretty. Even better that you have the original bits and pieces to the machine.

    Brenda at Cozy Little House regularly sews on her featherweight, so they can still be quite functional.

  2. How absolutely lovely. That 'how to insert the needle' is very important. VERY. Quilters love these machines because they are light enough to take to quilter gathering/conferences and have a pressure foot control on the top (for thicker fabric use). The machine has been very well kept indeed. Nice to see all the parts that came with it.

  3. Wow. That is truly a treasure!!

  4. Wow I love that. She must really of cared a lot for it to take such great care of it.

  5. You are going to love your little feather weight machine. I own one in white. How lucky you were to be gifted with one as they can be quite expensive. Happy sewing!


  6. You are one lucky lady!!! I can't believe she even had the manual!

  7. girl ladies paid up to $400 for those back in the 90's
    every quilter had to have one
    now they are about $300

  8. Sevgili Helen;
    o Singer makineden benim de var.Annem yıllar önce satın almıştı benim için....aynısı ,inanamadım görünce.kitap,aksesuarları,parçaları...
    harika küçük ama büyük işler yapar.