Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dog Day Afternoon

Not many treasures this week, there was only one Estate Sale (on the Hill) that looked promising so I popped over Friday afternoon to check it out. I think I missed out on most of the good stuff by not getting there earlier when the doors opened. Still a few treasures remained and I quickly had my hands full. It was obvious that the owner of the house had been a dog lover as there were many dog items everywhere. I found the most gorgeous old piece of yard art (it was of a dog of course, all rusty and beautiful) out in the back yard but wouldn't you know it - Not for Sale! I always seems to find the one thing that is not for sale! Oh well, I was able to rescue a couple of pups and a few other things (mostly linens which I certainly don't need). So here we go, this is what I brought home:

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
I think the small metal one is a Hubley Party Favor

 I'm not sure what this one is (a carnival prize maybe) but he is so cute! If you have any idea what he might be let me know.


(the frame is gorgeous!)

Some Hankies
Cocktail Napkins (for my collection)

And some great Fabric (the roll was only 5 dollars)


Hoping everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. cute are the dogs !!

  2. Cute little dog items! Love the fabric!

  3. I like those doggies things I have a thing about doggie things lately, don't know why I just do

  4. The fabric was such a great buy!
    I went to a flea market the other week and I saw owls at so many booths. So funny how there winds up being a theme from so many different vendors.