Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Last Friday of Junking

I have so enjoyed working from home and having the freedom to go junk hunting every Friday over the past year but all of that is coming to an end. I have accepted a new job and will start on Monday and therefore no more junking Fridays for me! So wanting to make the most of my last Friday I set out to find some treasures. The only estate sale listed did not seem to be my kind of junk but I went anyway. I am glad I did because I found this old Tom's store display rack and I just love it! It will be great to use in my office or sewing room for storage. The shelves can be adjusted to sit straight or at an angle (notice the two bottom shelves are set at an angle and the top shelves are straight).

 I also picked up a couple of Calvin and Hobbes books (who doesn't love Calvin and Hobbes!).

The next stop was a rummage sale at a Church downtown. I was hoping for lots of good stuff to dig through but it was pretty sparse. The only purchase at this sale was an old ammo box. I will most likely use this in my son's room.

On a whim I stopped at a thrift store that I had never been to before and after poking around for a bit I found what I am calling the Doll Graveyard! Lots of doll body parts. Some very creepy!

An my last stop was the Goodwill, I hardly ever go in there anymore but I had a few minutes to kill before my hair appointment. I found some honeycomb bells and that was it.

So not the best junking day, but I was really happy to find the Tom's rack. I am not sure how going back to work full time outside of the home is going to work out with my blogging, Facebook and Etsy. I am hoping to keep things going but I'm sure I will have to slow down just a bit. I have really enjoyed the time I have had over the past year to devote to these things that I love so much but you gotta do what you gotta do! The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity and I am excited to get started with my new employer on Monday. I just know it's going to be great!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and found some wonderful vintage treasures!


  1. I love the Tom's rack! What a great treasure to find on your last Friday of junking. I've enjoyed your increased posts over the last year, especially since I've had to give up junking (for the most part) this past year. Best of luck in your new opportunity!

  2. Verna, Congrats on the new job and new opportunity. I feel the pain though on giving up Friday junking! I am so in love with that Tom's rack. I have never seen one but I would sure love to have one! I feel so blessed to get to connect to people who are not afraid to thank the Lord for their blessings. Have a great Monday at your new job. Wishing you many blessings this week. Hugs, Dianne

  3. Good luck with the new job!! Hope you still have time to blog once in awhile. I enjoy reading your posts. Take care~

  4. That display rack is EXACTLY what I've been looking for for my booth!

  5. One persons junk is another persons treasure right, hope the new job is all you want it to be

  6. Congrats on the new job! We have/had the same junking day, BTW.