Saturday, April 18, 2015

Estate Sale Finds This Week

I took a little trip to Estate Sale Land yesterday and found a little box of joy! Hiding in a window sill behind some chairs I spotted a little box that looked like it had pine cones in it. I had to investigate. Yep, it was a box of pine cone, paper mache and chenille Christmas cutie pies. When I checked out the man said that they were from Germany. They are not marked so I guess I will have to take his word on that.

They are in need of repair but at least all the bases were in the box.

I also found a few dolls, the big creepy doll will most likely go to the land of misfits shelf. She was just to odd not to buy with her stumpy arms.

Lots and lots of ephemera, I found a ton of stuff for my Augusta collection. I love the school classroom photo and the photo cover it's in is adorable. Most of this stuff dates to the 40's and 50's. I was really excited to find the 1944-1945 Augusta Public School Directory, this will be a nice addition to my collection.

And last but not least, a 1944 Ladies Home Journal. I love to flip through and look at the ads. Couldn't help but thinking a little bit about Don Draper when I saw the Lucky Strikes ad. My how things have changed. Oh and how cute is the Dennison's Easter ad. The listerine ad with the three kids and the dog is a cute one too!

So enough to make me happy without breaking the bank!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 
If you are out junking I hope you find wonderful treasures!


  1. great stuff! i collect those little pine cone guys (i love the gnomes) and lots of mine are marked Germany. They are usually 12 to 25 bucks a piece, so i bet you got a deal!

  2. Oh what great finds, some cute, some just bloody nice