Saturday, April 25, 2015

Estate Sale Finds

Wow, what a day I had yesterday! I hit two estate sales and found a ton of really great stuff.
I have always wanted a "Dirty Dogs of Paris" etching and I found two yesterday. Not sure if you are familiar with them but they are by Boris O'Klein and were produced from the 1930's into the 1950's and are usually hung in a bathroom.

I also found this Harrison Fisher illustration from 1915 of a Bride and Groom, it has been cut out and pasted to a piece of card board but still lovely.

Then I spotted this great piece for my Augusta collection. Usually I only find paper items so I was thrilled to find this vintage tin.

I found two more Bailey's cups, I just love these and I already had one so I guess I am starting a collection.

These sweet little deer will go in my Christmas collection.

So the above items I am keeping but I also found some great stuff for my Etsy shop. I bought a 1950's tin litho doll house with bags and bags of dolls and doll house furniture (the furniture and doll date to the 1940's and 1950's). Warning - Lots of pictures and these are just a few of the items that were in the bags.

So yeah, I was a pretty happy girl yesterday. Can't wait to get those "Dirty Dogs" up in the guest bathroom. 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and if you were out looking I hope you found some wonderful treasures.


  1. Wow, all that dollhouse furniture and the people - I find it hard to locate the people. Love the illustrations.

  2. The doggie prints are funny...I went to a few estate sales this weekend. They sounded better than the things they had. Still found things :)

  3. You educated me with this post. I have never seen or heard of Dirty Dogs of Paris. A quick Google search explained it all. I want one! The hunt is now on.

  4. What wonderful finds. The dollhouse and all of the tiny furniture are so sweet. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! Such amazing things! I need to learn about these dog prints!
    Erica :)