Friday, April 10, 2015

Vintage Dress Form

Last week my brother and I made plans to head out to the flea market on Saturday morning. It ended up raining and my brother called and cancelled on me. No problem, I certainly had other things to do. Later that afternoon I got a call from my brother and he told me that he ended up going out to the flea market after the rain cleared up without me. He must of felt guilty about it because he stopped by the house and brought me this lovely that he picked up for me while he was out there.

I just love her! I have never seen a red one before. Now I just have to find a name for her. Needless to say all is forgiven, I have the best brother ever.


  1. Can I borrow your brother ?

  2. You do have the best brother ever. These sometimes pop up at our GW but they price them too high for me. and when they do appear at the thrift store, the managers use them for display.

  3. That was so sweet! I love that and have never seen a red one.