Saturday, June 21, 2014

Elberton GA Estate Sale

It's been quite the junk hunting weekend for us. I don't know where to start. We attended three sales this weekend so I guess I will start with the sale we attended on Friday and save the other two sales from today for another post (I just got through lugging everything in from the sales today and have not gotten a chance to go through all of it yet). Me, Mom and my brother drove about an hour and a half to attend an estate sale in Elberton GA (which is a beautiful little town). I had seen the pictures online and it looked like my kind of stuff so I was pretty excited about it. The sale started at 9am and we got there about 8:45am. They had not opened the house yet but there was an old garage that was open for picking. Needless to say I had a pretty good pile going on before I even stepped foot in the house. There were not that many people at the sale and it wasn't the chaotic rushing and grabbing that you usually experience when they opened up the house plus I thought that the prices were pretty good. We made several runs through and I was really happy with the things I brought home. So here we go:

First thing I spotted in the garage were these wonderful spun head Santas, Snowmen and Angels

I also found several old cards and games in the garage

I also thought these were kind of cool, old weekly expense reports

This beauty was also sitting in the garage, 1953 Sheaffer Desk Set 

I actually stopped and looked through the linens which were on the screened porch before making my way into the house. I spotted some cocktail napkins and quickly stuffed them in my bag to look at later. When I was checking out I was thrilled to see that one set was Tammis Keefe (Christmas) and another set was Vera (Matchsticks). Two other sets were not marked but were cute enough to keep.

So all this before I even got into the house! I am thinking that all the good stuff is going to be gone from inside since I took so long getting in there but that was not the case. There were just so few people there and I think they were mostly neighbors just being curious about the sale. Me, mom and John went through the house several times and here is what I found inside:

I love, love, love the window! Couldn't believe that is was still there waiting on me and you would not believe how little it cost. I was pretty giddy about it.

Oh wait, I got one more thing. More creepy dolls! Well these aren't actually too creepy. My brother found them in a basket in the garage and asked me if I wanted them and I said yes and asked him to put them in my pile without even looking at them. After examining them when I got home I found that they are both Madame Alexander Dolls from the 1960s. The clothing is tagged and both dolls are marked. They will need to be restrung but are in pretty good condition. I have been soaking the clothes overnight and I think they are going to clean up very nicely. Even if the dolls were toast, the clothes and shoes are highly sought after so if you are out hunting always check the doll clothes and shoes (I have sold quite a few pieces on Etsy).

We had such a great experience with this sale that I told Mom we need to go out of town more often. This is the second sale that we have traveled to that has produced lots of really great junk.

Hope your weekend has been wonderful and that you found some really great junk!

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  1. Such thrifty goodness you have found. That desk set is awesome. I will have to live vicariously through your thrift finds, I am decluttering and giving up, maybe, thrift shopping. Unlike you, I don't have an esty shop and things just were sitting around cluttering up my basement.

  2. Wow! You got some really great stuff! Where is Elberton, GA? I love the baby dresses, the game pieces and the clock. I know you had fun!

  3. I love your finds, especially the window.

    xo Danielle

  4. Vintage Christmas and Vera - perfect!

  5. Great finds at this sale. Love the napkins and the mixing bowls are really special. Now that window...Love it!!

  6. Great finds I love the screwdriver!
    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Wow, great haul, I would have bought the same stuff as you! Good taste :) I sold some Vera napkins, they are harder to find than the scarves. Love that stained glass window!

  8. Terrific finds, love the old games and the cocktail napkins, even Tammis Keefe, wow.

  9. Okay you scored ! and in Elberton, sigh. Some of my ancestors lived in Elberton. Visiting from WhatsItWednesday !

  10. Always so excited to see what you find! Love the Christmas and the games are awesome. That window is gorgeous! Lucky you! Prices here at our estate sales are a bit high. I still buy if it's something I want, but only now and then do I find a real deal. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Looking forward to seeing what you found at the other 2 sales.

  11. What do you soak the doll clothes in?