Monday, June 23, 2014

Vintage Stationary

I read a really good article on the lost art of letter writing recently and it does make me a little sad that we just don't write letters anymore (you can go here if you want to read it). I can remember writing letters to my friends from church camp when I was a child. I would get so excited when I would get a letter back in the mail. I can't tell you the last time I received an actual letter in the mail. Over the weekend I picked up some vintage stationary from a sale I attended. It is just so beautiful and made me think about my letter writing days although I don't think I ever used stationary as lovely as this. 

Kind of makes me want to sit down and write a letter.


  1. those are so beautiful! i love the little greetings you can add, like get well or good luck.

  2. I love stationary, and do still enjoy sending thank you cards, as well as sometimes surprising a long distance friend with a letter as opposed to always email. Nice items.

  3. Very lovely stationary! I miss writing snail mail, gotta admit, haven't made time for it...

  4. OK write me a letter LOL

    I use to and still do send lots cards to friends for no reason at all.
    I always did like sending letters and cards
    I have 2 vintage chest of drawers full of boxes of cards and lots stuck here and there in different desks