Saturday, September 13, 2014

Salvation Army Thrift Shopping

I met some friends at the mall this morning to do a little shopping. I didn't end up buying anything (I rarely shop at the mall anymore) but I did spot some "Frozen" Halloween costumes and had to call my niece and tell her and the Red Headed Girls to meet me upstairs at JC Penney's pronto. The Red Headed Girls had no idea what they were coming to look at, so they were very surprised when they spotted the Anna and Elsa dresses. I can't wait until Halloween! They are going to be so darn cute in those dresses!

After I left the mall I decided to check out the Salvation Army store. I have not been there in forever and it was so close to the mall that I couldn't pass by it without stopping in. I didn't find much but I like what I did find. Most of it will go on Etsy but I am keeping the February Angel (my youngest son was born in February).

After leaving the Salvation Army store I stopped by Mom's. I got these two vintage cards from her. I love the Square Meal one. I think it shall be framed and put on the wall in my kitchen (however my kitchen is probably not the best place to find a square meal - ha ha).

So not much, but a fun day spent with friends, family and a little junk to boot.