Saturday, September 20, 2014

Victorian Clothing

I posted earlier about the tons of lace I bought last Sunday. If you didn't see it you need to go look here. Bolts and bolts of gorgeous lace! The lady I bought the lace from also had a box of old clothing that I brought home with me. It is mostly Victorian era undergarments (bloomers, slips and nightgowns). There were several blouses from that time period in the box too. There are really beautiful (so much lace detail) but in very poor condition with stains and some tears. I am working on them today and hope I can bring them back to life. I was happy with the first piece and thought I would share. The first piece I worked on was a pair of bloomers, just look at that detail. Beautiful!

Of course I am doing it the old fashion way, hand wash and line dry.

I was hoping to be able to list most of the clothing on Etsy but if I can't clean and repair they will still look beautiful on my dress forms. So it's a win win for me!


  1. What a gorgeous piece. I love the details on those bloomers! Have fun with all of it! Hugs, Dianne

  2. Very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the rest of the pieces-can't wait to see them!