Sunday, July 10, 2011

French Blue - One of my favorite Colors

It's funny how your taste changes over the years. I cringe to think of some of my past choices in home decor, but this past April I found something that I knew I had to have even though years ago I probably would not have given it a second look. I went to an Estate Sale on a Saturday morning and although there were some beautiful pieces, nothing was speaking to me. I had gone through the entire downstairs and had not found a thing. So up the stairs I went and headed to the master bedroom. I think I may have started drooling as I laid my eyes upon the beauty in that room. My heart was racing and I felt a little faint as I took in a late 1960's or early 1970's (have not pinned down the exact date) Kindel French Provincial bedroom suite (7 pieces). The color was French Blue. I could not pull the trigger on purchasing this thing of beauty without getting my mother's opinion (which I value greatly, I guess you always want your mother's blessing). So I left the sale and went back to work (during the month of April I work most Saturdays) to call her. She had been to the same sale (we were unable to go together) so I knew she had seen it. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer (knowing in the back of my mind exactly what she was going to say). She did not even remember what the furniture looked like so I guess it did not leave the same impression on her as it did on me, and then came the words I knew were going to come out of her mouth "why do you need that, you have a perfectly nice bedroom suite already". As I knew this was coming, I had a backup plan. I was going to take a poll of my coworkers, two said "yes, you will regret it if you don't" and one sided with my mother. So I had to be my own tiebreaker. I guess you know the ending to this story, I went back over to the sale, negotiated a better price and brought that bedroom suite home with me. The furniture fit perfectly in my bedroom and is decorated with thrifted items, items from my childhood, and a few items that were given to me. Some of my favorite things in the room include a painted sign my father practiced on, a picture of the Jewish Quarter that was given to me by my mother, and a gorgeous vintage monogrammed bolster pillow. Who am I kidding, I love everything in this room and in the end I think my mother does too!

Picture of the Jewish Quarter given to me by my mother

Picked this beauty up at an Estate Sale

My father's "practice sign"

Although this is not a vintage piece, I fell in love with it

Gorgeous French Pictures  - $2.00

My first portrait (courtesy of Six Flags over GA)

Kindel French Blue (back of furniture)

Okay, I had to have the Target Lamp

Vintage monogrammed bolster pillow

I love this desk

Thrifted mirror I painted off white

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