Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have very fond memories of trinkets. My Granddaddy owned a Bait and Tackle Shop that was two doors down from my childhood home. Of course in his shop he had a gumball machine, and that machine drew us in like moths to a flame. Sure we wanted the gumballs but even more we wanted the charms or "trinkets" as we called them. Many a penny was deposited in hopes of getting the trinket of your desire. I even remember the trinket box that we tucked our collection away in. I have no idea what happened to that little treasure box, but at a recent estate sale I came across a box full of all kinds of odds and ends and snapped it up because it appeared to have some items in it that my mother could use in her jewelry business. I couldn't wait to get it  home. When I finally got the chance to go through the box, I was overjoyed to find a good many vintage trinkets. However there was one set of charms that were most unusual, I had never seen any charms like these before. So I went on a quest to see what I could find out about them. Turns out they are 1950's Red Celluloid Kobe Charms made in Japan. I guess I had never seen them before because they were before my time. But I fell in love with these little googly eyed charms. They seem to be very collectible, so if you are out and about and see some of these googly eyes, better snap them up.

Red Celluloid Kobe Charms

Love the googly eyes

These are kind of trinkets we used to get from my granddaddy's gumball machine

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