Friday, July 8, 2011

Vera, Santa and Love

I had to take my lunch break early today, had to run over to an estate sale because Vera, Santa, and Love were waiting on me (I just didn't know it yet). I parked at what seemed like a mile away, there were tons of cars everywhere. That's usually a good sign. I grabbed my tote and did some fast walking up to the sale. Who should I see right off the bat, why my mother of course. There were so many people in that house I decided to go to the back bedrooms first thinking it might not be so crowded (I was wrong). In the first bedroom I found some cocktail napkins, a tablecloth, and an adorable vintage baby's dress. I quickly moved on to the next bedroom. That is where Vera and Love were waiting on me. Two silk Vera scarfs (one pink and one beige) patiently biding their time until I arrived to take them home with me. After I gently tucked them safely away in my tote, I turned around and there was love looking right at me. A beautiful satin quilted box meant to hold love letters (as it said so right on the box) was setting on the dresser. I just couldn't resist, love won me over.  As I moved on through the house I found some vintage Christmas items to include a lovely (handmade in West Germany) Koestel wax Angel, two Napco Angels, and jolly old saint nick (I love vintage Christmas stuff). Also picked up some vintage clocks (my weakness) and two fedoras.You can check out more photos on our facebook page. No sales for me tomorrow as I have an invitation to a princess party, better go find my tiara!

Satin Quilted Love Letter Box

Vera Scarves

Vintage Santa Candle

Vintage Clocks including a Baby Ben

Vintage Koestel Wax Angel handmade in West Germany

Dobbs Fedora

Vintage Wedding Topper

Adorable Child's Dress

Napco Angels


  1. The fedora and the cake topper are my favorites. What a wonderful sale you found!

  2. Thanks BeckyKay,it was a great sale. I would like to participate in the Thrift Share Monday on a regular basis, however I can't seem to figure out how to add the link, I noticed you have it on your blog, is there an easy way to add it?