Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rescue Me

No fabulous estate sales this weekend, not even that many yard sales. I guess it's just too hot. So, my plan was to do some climate controlled shopping. My first stop was the Catholic Social Services thrift store. I usually go there on Saturday but was stressing a little at work on Friday and decided to take my lunch break and do some thrifting (that always makes me feel better). I strolled through the housewares and picked up a few small items and then moved over to the clothing and that is where I hit the jackpot. First I found a vintage Abe Schrader slip (in perfect condition) and then the find of the day, a Vintage Handmade Kimono and matching lounging pajama's. The Kimono and lounging pajama's had some stains and looked like it needed to be rescued and taken home for a little TLC. I must be honest I lost focus after that (couldn't imagine finding anything else as spectacular as that Kimono).

After work (when my head had cleared and I was able to focus again) I headed over to the Salvation Army. Didn't really find anything, next stop Goodwill. I walked in and promptly ran in to my sister Val who was there with my sister Van. We chatted for a few minutes and then parted company to concentrate on our thrifting. I did find a couple of great items that I am very excited about. A Toscany Clipper Decanter and 6 glasses (missing stopper) made it's way into my basket as did a pair of Vintage Syroco wall shelves and some fabric. I checked out and went home. I had just stepped in the door when my phone rang, it was my youngest sister Vonda. I asked her what she had been doing and she said she had just left the Goodwill. We were there at the same time and I just didn't see her. So I guess all of Helen's Daughters were in a thifty mood.

So all in all a great thifting weekend. If anyone knows of a place that specializes in cleaning vintage clothing, please let me know. I would like to give the Kimono and pajamas the TLC they deserve.
Hope everyone found great vintage things this weekend.


  1. You found some really cool things. Sometimes the best therapy for a crazy work day is a little lunchtime thrifting. I use this therapy a lot myself.

    The blue and white fabric is lovely. Do you have any specific plans for it?

  2. I don't have any plans for the fabric at the moment, it was really pretty and too good a deal to pass up, I haven't measured it yet but there is a ton of it. Fabric is one of my weaknesses.

  3. wow, great loot. I love the fabric too - lovely colour and cute print, nice foot stool?! There are lots of free patterns for footstools / cushions at the moment.