Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hill House Part 2

Vintage Metal Clown

1913 Kitchen Diary

Feltman Bros. Bib


Handmade Vintage Baby Dress

Handmade Pillowcases


Baby Pillowcases

Circa 1940's Hankie

Vintage Metal Toys

Lot of Vintage 40's and 50's patterns

Toss Words

1936 Ten Pins Game
So I will pick up the story where I left off, leaving the Hill House with 47 great vintage items. After leaving the sale I had to go to work, so I had to push the sale and the items out of my mind until I made it home last night. Once I finally got home I started going through all my stuff (I just love looking through all my stuff at my own pace, it's hard to examine everything in great detail during the heat of the battle when you have limited time to shop). I picked up quite of few pieces of vintage linen (some for my own collection and some to sale) to include a really cute circa 1940's hankie. I just love quirky things and found some vintage placemats that fall right into that category. Twelve vintage patterns (1940's and 1950's) and some vintage Peter Pan fabric came home with me. A few of the pattern sleeves are a little tattered but the patterns are okay. These will find a permanent home here in my sewing room. There were a lot of vintage children's items at this sale. I picked up a box of Toss Word wooden tiles, a Ten Pin Bowling set from 1936, some vintage metal toys, and a ton of vintage baby bibs, clothes, and pillowcases.  I found a 1913 Kitchen Diary Book that is absolutely adorable. As I have much work ahead of me to get all these items cleaned up and ready to list on Etsy, I think I will leave it at that. If you want to see all the items I purchased at this sale in more detail, I will be posting them on our Facebook page sometime today. Hope everyone attended a great sale this weekend and brought home some great vintage finds.


  1. After doing some research, I'm not so sure that the letter tiles are "Toss Words" even though the hand written instructions were included in the box, I think that these may be tiles from an early version of scrabble or some other word game.

  2. Wow! Those are some amazing finds! I love the toys especially!

  3. Thanks BeckyKay, those kind of sales are few and far between, it was a great old house with some great old stuff!