Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fancy Pants

I started my thrifting weekend on Friday during my lunch break at the Catholic Social Services. I have had pretty good luck there over the past month and this week did not disappoint. I love all things sewing related and found a vintage sewing book titled "The ABC's of Sewing" that included about 6 uncut patterns. Needless to say this will be staying with me. One of the patterns is for "play shorts or fancy pants", I am quite positive that my boys would prefer "play shorts" over "fancy pants" any day. Moving on to the clothes, I came across a 1970's Lacoste Izod Jacket in excellent condition. I was going to sell it but my oldest son John has taken a "fancy" to it so I guess it will be his. The fact that he loved a vintage jacket makes me feel like I must have done something right in his upbringing (probably because I never made him wear "fancy pants"). The last item I picked up was a fabulous Ann Taylor jean jacket for myself.

On Saturday morning I met up with mom and we went to a consignment sale but I didn't find any treasures there so we headed over to the only estate sale advertised for this weekend. I found a beautiful ginormous (as Will Ferrell would say) old picture frame and a lovely cake plate.

We did squeeze in a few yard sales where I found some vintage Christmas ornaments, a hand broom, and a great little lamp for my sewing room.

I guess that's it for this weekend. I did want to say I very much enjoy being a part of this thrifting community. I love to look at everyone's treasures (and I do look at them all). Go here if you want to see all my finds for this weekend. Hope everyone found great things this weekend.

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  1. You found treasures! Love the Christmas ornaments!

  2. Love the cake stand and the picture frame. Understand how you felt about your son wanting the jacket as my daughters both love vintage clothes.

  3. That cake stand is so pretty! I love the Christmas ornaments, too. You found some lovely things. Thanks so much for sharing; it is fun to see what others find in their adventures.

  4. LOL @ "fancy pants"!!

    What a great lamp, and that denim jacket is fantastic! What a great find!

  5. I love the lamp! Oh and those Christmas ornaments. What a great job you did. Thanks for sharing.

    :) Michelle

  6. Oh wow what great finds! My favorite is the lamp! And I would love to make that tea apron!

  7. Great finds...LOVE that wonderful frame!!! Thanks for sharing at NTT!!!!


  8. Heh, heh -- I'm raising my son right, too! LOVE the Christmas ornaments!