Monday, August 1, 2011


I have to say I was a little unnerved within minutes of arriving home today. It is very common for me to come home to an empty house, John (my eldest) is usually at work and Zach (my youngest) is out with his girlfriend.
However my third child (the four legged kind) Lucy is always home. I can't remember a time that she has not been here (with the exception of her famous escapes in which she always returns home within the hour). But she is not here. Last night during the storm (which upsets her terribly) Zach took her up to his room so she wouldn't be so scared and discovered a lump in her ear flap. Needless to say she had to go to the Vet today. She has a hematoma and will have to spend the night at the Animal Clinic and have surgery in the morning. She was so scared and I really felt horrible to have to leave her. She was so happy on the way over to the Vet, really enjoying the car ride, she was smiling. That was not the way I left her. She was not a happy camper.  I really miss her and she hasn't even been gone for an hour! Please say a prayer for us both tonight. Hopefully she will be back at home tomorrow and better than ever.

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  1. Lucy is back home tonight recovering from her surgery, she is conked out. Not sure how I'm going to get her medicine in her, I hate to wake her up.