Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fashion and a Farmhouse

Let me just say I think I need to invest in some kind of mask to cover my nose and mouth when attending estate sales. As I am already fighting a sinus infection, going in to these smelly and moldy homes is probably not the best idea but I just can't help myself. Mother and I attended 2 estate sales (worth mentioning) yesterday. The first stop was a small old brick home in Thomson Ga. There was a ton of old stuff but the prices were outrageous. So I had to really hunt for the bargains. There was a sewing room (and I love the sewing stuff for myself) where I found about 10 vintage patterns at .50 each. You could fill up a bag of material for $5, and so naturally I did.
I found a vintage scarf and wrap in another bedroom and a vintage homemade dress and coat (polyester -ha ha) for $2. My mother said I bought the polyester coat because it reminds me of the coats my Granny used to wear. Hope I can get the smell out of it. (I have a ton of vintage things to go to the cleaners so I will just add this to the pile). Mom picked up a couple of items and actually spent more than me (I think that's a first).

Inside one of the pattern envelopes I found this letter, thought it was sweet.

Here is all the fabric for $5. (Believe me I stuffed as much as possible in the tiny grocery store bag they provided)

So we rolled out of there and on to the Farmhouse in Girard GA. Here is where I could just kick myself for forgetting my camera yet again. It took somewhere around an hour or so to get to the Farmhouse, it was out in the country in the middle of nowhere. I would have loved to been able to show you some of the things in that house. Of course the items I coveted were not for sale. I think I saw the most beautiful iron bed I have ever seen in my life. I was figuring out how we were going to get that thing home when I saw the sign that said "Not for Sale". How disappointing. The prices here were not much better, but I did spy something I  never would have thought I would find in a old farmhouse out in the boonies. In the living room on a table were some old fashion magazines. I took a 1947 Mademoiselle, 1936 Vogue, and a 1960 Vogue home with me. The ads and photos are gorgeous. I will be posting a lot of ads and photos from the magazine here on my facebook page if you want to check them out. I also found some sewing items and an adorable piece of vintage fabric. There were several out buildings however we did not find any treasures in any of them. I did however buy 3 vintage sprinklers that were out in the backyard. We paid up and started our trip home. On the way out we passed a lot of old broken down buildings, mom and I talked about how we would love to sneak in and look around and see what kind treasures might be hiding in them. But in the end we did not. Here are my Farmhouse finds.

And to wrap up the update for the weekend, here are my goodwill finds this week. A great vintage hat $2.50 (for me) and a blouse $3 (for me).

Might be wearing these to the Bryan Adams concert tomorrow night. Hope everyone found wonderful vintage things this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like y'all had another fun-filled and successful weekend of shopping. It's so cool that you and your mom enjoy going to the sales together.

    The Vogue magazine cover is really interesting. Nice find.

    I especially like the hat you found at Goodwill. Very cool!

  2. The old fashion magazine are great! And I love the hat you found!

  3. Thanks Ladies, if you haven't already go to the link in the blog to see all the photos I took of the ads and pictures in the magazines, they are so gorgeous!

  4. What wonderful finds love them all but most of all the magazines (come by DearHelenHartman some time and you'll see why :))Love the title of your blog, of course, and your sense of style!

  5. Wow some great finds there I love that hat and blouse!

    E :)

  6. I especially love the Vogue magazine find. My aunty must have bought every single copy of the UK version for years and used to keep them in the glory hole, under the stairs in her house.

    I remember as a tiny girl I use to sit in there surrounded by what appeared to be mountains of magazines, looking at the pictures of ladies in beautiful dresses..those were the days...