Thursday, August 25, 2011


I just thought I would take a minute to share all the lovlies I spotted today at the Antique Mall where we have our booth. There are so many things there that I would love to take home with me and wanted to share a few of  "the lovlies" with you. Hope you enjoy their beauty as much as I do!

Love the paint and the fabric.

I think she was saying "Take me home with you" and I really wanted to.

Love the stools and the bed.

I do love architectural stuff.

I love the clock face.

I really want this Metal Cabinet.

This is gorgeous!

Need to add this to my collection!

Isn't this adorable.

This may very well come home with me if it is still there on my next visit!

I  took quite a few pictures and obviously could not add them all here. If you want to see all the photo's I took today, you can find them here on our facebook page.

Hope everyone finds great things this weekend. No estate sales or any great yard sales here, so I will be hitting up my favorite thrift stores. Hope I find some treasures.


  1. Love seeing the photos of the Antique Mall, linked over to your FB page and lingered over the rest of the photos. I enjoy looking at what people find/sell/collect. Thanks for sharing.