Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's a Girl!

Well this has not been the most exciting thrifting weekend I've ever had but as usual I always manage to find something. There were no estate sales and only a few yard sales in Augusta GA this weekend so I knew I would be visiting the thrift stores. Made my usual trip to the Catholic Social Services on Friday at lunch and they had really done some cleaning and reorganizing. They really decluttered! I did find a few treasures to include a big box of vintage sewing notions, 2 old pictures in some beautiful frames, and about 85 unused vintage baby announcements. I love vintage cards and it so rare to find so many unused ones. I'm not sure if I will list these on Etsy or put in our booth. Either way I hope someone will buy them and use them to announce the arrival of their new baby girl! I think that would be so charming to receive one in the mail.

If you want to see all my thrifty finds for this week, you can go here to our Facebook Page.

Hope everyone found great things this weekend.

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  1. The pictures are brilliant and I'd be thrilled to receive a baby announcement like that in the post - someone will snap those up I'm sure :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Hello from Elizabeth's Attic - I found your blog via her library adventures and just love your finds. As a lover and maker of vintage dresses I am very interested in your cotton thread stash as using vintage cotton along with vintage fabric and patterns makes the whole outfit authentic so would you be selling these any place soon? I would love you to visit me at and see some of my makes. Love your blog layout as these were my colours until leelou blogs did a free make over on my blog...... Take care, keep safe, be happy

  3. Love the birth announcements, I love all ephemera, the graphics, and the colors are fantastic.

  4. The baby announcements are adorable! The covers would be cute for shower invitations as well. Of course I drooled over the sewing-related items, too. Lovely!

  5. I'm swooing over those spools - what a great find!

  6. Lots of neat things you found! I'm really loving those birth announcements!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  7. Those baby girl birth announcement cards are so cute!

  8. Love the baby girl announcement cards there adorable!

    E :)