Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helen, Johnny and Nora

Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to collect certain things. I bet if you look back to your childhood you will find the answer. Oh what a wonderful childhood I had. We lived in a house built in the 1940's. There were seven of us, my mother (Helen), my father (Johnny, or Red as he was nicknamed) and my 4 siblings. As an added bonus my mother's parents lived in a little house behind us and my father's parents lived next door. These are the people that shaped the person I turned out to be. My Granny (Nora) had to be about the most wonderful woman in the world, when I think of her I think of sewing, gardening, sitting on the her front porch and her love of all the little critters that would come around on summer evenings to say hello (lizards, praying mantises, and sometimes we would see frogs out and about). She hung her laundry on a line in the yard. She lived a simple life. My mother was and still is a most extraordinary women. She could sew and her cooking could probably rival Paula Dean. She was and still is very creative and could do just about anything and was a very stylish woman. She also loved old things and introduced us to antique stores at an early age. My father was a hard working man, working at his regular job during the day and at his sign painting business in the evenings. He was an artist. He was also a collector of things. He was a generous man.
So looking back I guess it's natural that I am a collector and a lover of old things. I love antiques and art. I love letters and typography. I love lizards and frogs, and hanging my vintage linens outside to dry. I love vintage clothing and old houses. I love the simple life.
My father painting ( he had a very steady hand, it was amazing to watch him paint)
This frog planter has my Granny written all over it!
Me and my sweet Granny
The house I grew up in right before it was torn down.
My stylish talented mother.

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