Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Accomplished

So I was out early this morning to estate sale #1, although they advertised to start at 8a, I got there around 7:45a, and they were already open and a ton of people were already going through the house. I am convinced that if I had arrived 5 minutes earlier, I would have picked up all the items the lady in front of me had, so I was thinking that there would be nothing left for me to pick. But sometimes you get lucky when you dig around and look for things that are hidden in closets, etc. I found  3 sets of vintage pillow cases in the upstairs bathroom (they need a good soaking but I am sure they will clean up well). A little vintage glass refrigerator dish was hiding way in the back of the kitchen cabinet that I quickly picked up, but the most exciting find for the day was a 1950's sterling rattle/teething ring. So all in all it was a successful adventure. I proceeded to go across town to estate sale #2 but was very disappointed as it was just a waste of time and gas. I was not completely satisfied and felt the need to go somewhere else, so I headed down to the Catholic Social Services (which I call the Catholic Good Will). On my way, I passed a sale on the side of the road and who should I see but my mother. I quickly pulled in and parked and came up behind her and said "Well, Well, Well  who did we have here" as she had told me she would be unable to go with me today. She was surprised to see me, however she did have a good excuse, she was on her way to the Church (which is right around the corner from the sale) and could not resist the urge to stop and shop. So she is forgiven. I did pick up a few items at the Catholic Social Services to include some vintage sewing books that I will be keeping for myself.
1950's Sterling rattle/teething ring

All in all a good day.


  1. Those sewing books look amazing!
    Sandi Williams suggested I check out your blog. LOVE IT!
    I love with thrifting!


  2. Sally - thanks for checking out my blog, it seems we have a lot in common according to Sandi, I love anything vintage and love to thrift every chance I get. Hope you enjoy my posts, and I have checked out your blog and etsy and love it.