Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where do you like to thrift?

I am constantly on the lookout for new spots to thrift. Of course there is the obvious - Goodwill, however their prices have gone up over the years. There are still bargains to be had, you just have to have the patience to dig through everything. It took me close to 4 hours one day to go through all the racks of clothing but I did walk away with some great pieces. One of my favorite finds from Goodwill include a vintage "Mr. Johns" hat, actually my mom found it while I was in another part of the store but she could see the look of lust in my eyes when I saw that hat, I just had to have it and being the wonderful mother she is she handed it over to me.  Another favorite find is a really funky coat, don't know much about it except it started screaming my name as soon as I walked in the store, we fell in love and it came home with me that night. Another frequent haunt of mine is the Catholic Social Services, they have better prices and I have found a ton of vintage patterns there at 25 cents each (you can't beat that price). They also have a good bit of material, all in all I would say this is a good place to visit if you like to sew. I even found "Elizabeth" there, she is one of my mannequins (I have three, the other two are named "Melva" and "Reba" but that's another blog in itself) for $35. I recently found a thrift store in Harlem called "Attic Treasures", they have a little bit of everything and very good prices. Where are your favorite places to thrift?

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