Saturday, June 18, 2011


My best and dearest friend in the world (Shug) called me last night to ask if I would accompany her on a day trip today to Sylvania GA. She was invited to a family reunion of sorts and didn't really want to make the trip on her own. Since I spent my budget for the weekend yesterday, and did not plan on going out to any sales this morning I accepted her invitation. We decided to head out around 9:30a and look for some thrift/antiques shops along the way. We had a great conversation during the drive as she filled me in on some stories of her mother and father and her Uncle Willie who had lived in Sylvania and was the Sheriff in the 1940's. Time passed quickly and before we knew it we had arrived at our destination. We had a little time before the scheduled reunion lunch at "Pop's" so we hit the one thrift store and one antique store in town. Didn't find any treasures so we headed on over to the restaurant. All of Shug's people were excited to see her, they all greeted her with a hug and "Shug it's so good to see you". We had our dinner, visited with everyone and then had to say our goodbyes and head back home. Shug showed me the house that her Uncle Willie had lived in on the way out of town. We arrived back home around 4pm this afternoon and I told Shug bye and headed home.
I just want to say "Thanks Mom" for a wonderful day, the stories you told me today will stay in my head and heart forever, and I know you hate that I discovered what your nickname was as a child and young adult but I think it's adorable.


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